Gears of War

Gears of War (phase1) For EPIC Games 20th anniversary I am making them a special gift.

The boys at  Champion are  helping !  I  took them a  couple WWll ammunition casings and  asked them to open  fire on them. You should  have  seen the  smiles on their  faces!

The above  link is a couple short  videos of Phase once of this  project. I had each of the shoots sign the  case they   put holes in and  a  young  Gears of War fan was on site so he signed a case as well.

So far this project is a lot of fun!

Art testing

This piece was made from a variety of car parts and some industrial sausage  plates. My art testers took turns   spinning each other.

Currently available  $ 795 Glass top included open request.

July 16, Prosser Art show and Wine Gala

This will be my first outdoor event and I am excited and nervous. I had to purchase a tent and  I will be setting up tomorrow around 1 pm for the evening event in lovely downtown Prosser.  I have  two  lights made from ammunition cases and   four fun tables that will be on display.  If you click on individual photos you can see a bit more detail.

We all have stories to tell

We all have a story to tell. This is one of mine.

About 15 years ago I was asked along with 20 or 30 other female CEO’s to write an essay sharing what one thing I would like to change about myself. I wrote and re wrote my essay as I wanted to come up with that one great thing I would change about myself that would make me really wonderful. (I suggest everyone try this exercise) Writing this essay was an eye opening experience and helped me see what was really important to me.

Over the years there have always been things I would like to change about myself,  at nine I wanted green eyes and at 16 I wanted breasts at 19 I wanted to be 21 and the list just continued to go on. The things I wanted to change about myself were not really things I could change. At least not at that time! Sure now I could get green color contacts and I could buy myself breast to fill any size cup I want.  But at the time I just wanted the opposite of what I had.  Why then did I only want the impossible? By the end of the essay I had decided that I was really pretty happy with myself and how I  turned out and that I  really didn’t have one thing I would change  about myself . Instead I decided that I wanted to continue to grow as a person, constantly changing from the experiences I share with others.

I have kept a journal since I was a small child. I have been told that my stories are lighthearted.  Years ago I was offered the opportunity to have some of my stories published  but I was not ready to share myself with others. Recently, I was told that some of my stories are motivational and I have been asked to share more of myself to help others.I like to be helpful so I have started to share more of myself.

I have suffered from DEPRESSION for as long as I can remember. I didn’t want to be depressed I wanted to be happy like everyone else. Later in life I was told a pill could help me be happy. I really wasn’t interested in a pill.

 A friend killed herself this weekend.  I am angry and I want to kill depression! 

People who know me are often shocked when I share that I know depression well. Like many others I have learned to wear a mask to hid what I was not ready to share.