Gears of War

Gears of War (phase1) For EPIC Games 20th anniversary I am making them a special gift.

The boys at  Champion are  helping !  I  took them a  couple WWll ammunition casings and  asked them to open  fire on them. You should  have  seen the  smiles on their  faces!

The above  link is a couple short  videos of Phase once of this  project. I had each of the shoots sign the  case they   put holes in and  a  young  Gears of War fan was on site so he signed a case as well.

So far this project is a lot of fun!

Art testing

This piece was made from a variety of car parts and some industrial sausage  plates. My art testers took turns   spinning each other.

Currently available  $ 795 Glass top included open request.

July 16, Prosser Art show and Wine Gala

This will be my first outdoor event and I am excited and nervous. I had to purchase a tent and  I will be setting up tomorrow around 1 pm for the evening event in lovely downtown Prosser.  I have  two  lights made from ammunition cases and   four fun tables that will be on display.  If you click on individual photos you can see a bit more detail.