It’s all about time.

It’s been 32  years since Mount Saint Helen’s blew! Do you  remember where you  were?  When I woke up this morning I was thinking of the friends I lost and how if it had not been for  being needed at work I would have been up camping with them all.I got called in  just as we were loading the  car and so I let my friends  take my tent and  stove they  headed to the Mountian and I  went to work.

These memories were a prompt that inspired me to  knock something off my to do list!

A year ago this week at LOGIN, I was  asked to make a custom piece of work for Jamil  Moledina. He wanted a place to  display a  cool sci-fi gaget that he used in a photo promoting his novel Tearing the Sky.

After almost a year of  digging through scrap yards I  finally  found the  pieces I  needed to  create his piece. It’s about time stands 21 1/4 inches  tall. I am still experimenting with the sizes of glass for the top  but the hard part is over! Basically all that is left to do is some clean up and then its off to San Francisco!

Special thanks to my  friend and expert welder Denny Croston  for  the use of his shop and for helping to make the construction process a breeze!