Over the Mountains

Almost every week I make a three hour drive over the mountains. My youngest offspring made me a flash drive to listen to filled with driving music. It’s an eclectic collection to help keep me awake on the drive.

A couple songs just make me want to dance. So I decided to pull over, crank the volume and dance. What better way to take a break and stretch ones legs. So there I was on the side of the road grooving to the tunes when a State trooper pulled over to see if I was okay and asked if  I needed any  help. I told him I could use a dance partner.

I have never considered myself a traditional person and yes, this really is the obituary I wrote for my dad.

Who in the Hell was King Palmer? Friend, joker,inventor,entrepreneur,father,lover, spouse,brother, grandfather,protector,and provider.Born in Tacoma,Washington on January 3, 1944.

King believed in living life, working hard but most importantly taking time to have fun. King wanted to remind us all that when we get to the pearly gates we will be asked by our maker if we have enjoyed the life we were given. He said his reply would be YES! On October 23, 2009 King did his last wheelie all the way to heaven.

(I am sure he enjoyed not having to wear a helmet on his last ride!)

Wind Kisses

As a small  child I used to talk to my  grandparents  on the  telephone  before  going to bed. Before saying good bye my  grandfather would tell me he was blowing me a kiss . I remember him asking  ,”  Can the phone cord reach the back  porch?  I replied,” yes”. He said,” that is wonderful. Now go stand on the porch and tell me when you are ready!” ‘Once on the porch he would say,”  okay  I am  blowing you a  kiss let me know when you  get it. ” Sometimes it would  be  seconds , other times  minutes and  sometimes I would giggle and tell him he missed me! 

45 years later when  I feel the wind on my  face I  think of someone blowing me a kiss. If I  stop to pay close attention I  swear I am catching some of those kisses I missed so many years ago.