Meet the Press at Survival of the Interesting

When I was asked to contribute art for an upcoming show called Survival of the Interesting at first I said, “hmm, I am not sure my work would be a good fit”.
Then I started thinking about my last job. I had been working at the Issaquah Press as a sales consultant.

Some people thought I was nuts for taking the job, as they said, Print advertisements are dead. I love reading the paper and I was excited to be part of the downtown local press. It was a short career of just 6 months but I learned a lot and met some interesting people and I have made some wonderful friends. “Where is all this going?” you might ask. Well each of my new hatchlings is part of a flock of rocks that I have nicknamed Meet the Press. Each little bird is a character from my time at the paper. I have represented the Publisher, the front office crew, the sales manager, hr, circulation the sales team, reporters and the production team as well as the families of the press.

Today all the birds have left the nest and are now down at Its going to take them a few days to get situated but for now they are getting settled in to their new surroundings.
I would like to thank the fine crew at the Issaquah Press for being so inspirational! The Press is moving to a new location today I am hoping that the office move is as smooth as the birds Migration!

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming show survival of the interesting!