Join me at:Salon Anon Anon March 21 – Survival of the Interesting

Survival of the Interesting March 21st 7-9 PM Artist’s reception

Survival of the Interesting
Featuring fine artWorks from:Anette Lusher ,Cynthia Freese,David Scott Moyer, Dorian Visionheart Dyer,Endearment Israel,Michael Brinker,Zalman Berkowitz

Foodie [context] 5-7 PM

Zalman Berkowitz and Todd Bryerton will lead us through this stand-up casual tasting of uncommon, interesting Classical wine styles paired with elegantly composed tastes of traditional foods, re-imagined.

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Artist reception immediately  following  Foodie event from  7-9! No  charge!

Meet Laura!

Years ago Laura migrated north from Brazil, she spent a few years in California and  then  made her way to  Washington  State.  This past fall she joined the team at the press.  In a very short time she has proven that there is not much she cannot handle!  At the Issaquah Press Laura is in charge of all the classified ads as well as making sure the front office runs smoothly. Now that might not sound like much but Laura is also an assistant to the sales team not just for one paper but for all four papers. (The Issaquah Press the Sammamish review the New Castle News and the Snoqualmie Star)  Taking pride in all she does this little bird also took on the task of putting on the recent Health fair for downtown Issaquah residents! Good Job Laura!

Laura  gets more  done  working part time than than  many people  can  get done  working a  40 hour work week!

During the moving process Laura has been given the task of packing up the office.  Since the press has occupied the same space for over 80 years that task does not sound like much fun!


If I had something I needed done and I wanted it done on time and  done correctly  this is the  little  bird I would ask to help me!  This  little  bird just might  grow up to  fly with the  eagles! IP birds (p) 068


I would like to  thank  Laura for  coming to the  gallery and  helping me set things up on her day off!

Thought for the  day: Why are  some of the hardest  most  dedicated workers  so under paid?


Join me tonight!



Today March 14th from 1800-2100

Three members of my flock have been nesting out at Alki Beach! Join me for some bird watching, at Alki Arts!  I also have two of my car part tables at the gallery.

2820 Alki Avenue SW
Seattle, WA 98116-2788

birdsHS_n This photo is not of the birds at the Alki Arts Beach location, this sighting was at the downtown gallery.

A note from the Gallery owner,

The gallery is FULL of new art, including the largest exhibit of work that we have ever shown by plein air artist Robin Weiss.

One of our favorite musicians will be playing this event as well- the talented singer/songwriter Christopher Reyne. We are really excited for this show! Listen to a sample of his music and you will see why.

So stop by to see the work of Robin and all our other fabulous local artists, have a glass of wine, and listen to great music on the beach!