Meet Phil Pauleo.

This  is the only  bird in this  group that has not worked  for the  Issaquah  Press. Over the past  7 years  Paul has  flown up to work on  projects in Issaquah and the  greater Seattle area. Photographer by day and writer by night  as well as a conference  organizer. Phil Pauleo  is one of the few birds that can do just about everything! Until  recently Phil was most often sighted with a press badge hanging from his neck.  He friends and co workers refer to him as a Swiss army knife.  Phil is dedicated to whatever project he is working on and has never missed a deadline. One year this bird even worked until 3 am on his birthday  to  get his secret assignment complete. Phil loves to cover conventions and  introduce  people . Spending most of his time in the California bay area Phil was recently sighted at Seattle’s Alki  Beach watching the  sunset and then  at the the  Seattle Design Center in Seattle Washington.

IP birds (p) 021Phil Pauleo_n I  don’t think this bird ever sleeps!

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