Made from 100% recycled materials

I currently have completed six new sculptures , each is a one of a kind piece.

Before->  howizter


The Body: The metal casings were once used to store the shells for howitzer rounds. The backbone of the American military was the M2A1 105mm howitzer, which could fire shells to over 12,000 yards away, at a sustained rate of 2 to 4 rounds per minute. It was used alongside the M114 155mm howitzer, which had a range of 16,000 yards and a rate of fire of 2 rounds per minute. They were both employed during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam war. Today, both are retired from the US Military but are still used in other countries.

The tops were old farm plow discs that had been covered in rust and the bases are a combination of farm equipment and old car parts.




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