Earth Day,another bird leaves the nest.

earth  day 005I was planning to do housework today but we had sun! I am  sure my husband will understand! The laundry did not get done, and the  sink full  of  dishes still  needs to be washed, Instead of  taking care of my  inside responsibilities I spent the day weeding and  moving plants around in our yard.

At noon I had an old friend stop by to pick up a piece of art she custom ordered. I love having my creations move off to new homes! This ammo container light will now be out at Tapps Island lighting up the area outside the back porch and welcoming the  visitors who stop by the dock to  visit the Kumar family.





The evening concluded with a call from the Gallery Context owner to let me know one of the guests from our last  Third Thursdays show at the Seattle Design Center, wants to take Brianne to go live in her mother’s garden. She will be stopping by  Gallery [Context]  tomorrow to pick up IP birds (p) 169Brianne!

Brianne is a petite little bird. She is an amazing production specialist but lacks self confidence. While out in the garden she day dreams of growing up and flying with the eagles. Brianne has a big heart and she spends every free moment collecting worms so that she has gifts to share with her friends when they fly over to visit.

Brianne is going to love her new garden home! Having someone to  love and to love her in return will nourish and help her self esteem!


I did think of attaching a photo of the pile of  laundry and the sink of dishes that  still needs tending too …  nah, that might be my next art project!



Photo to left is of Brianna and her new foster Mommy!


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