How long did that really take?


There was a time when I looked forward to interacting with the public and talking about my work but recently I find myself getting a bit annoyed. I might need to go see a professional to get some advice on the best ways to deal with things like;”How long did it really take you to make that? “Well, I had a dream about it in 1992.. No really I am not joking… then I had to find the right items to create the piece, I had to learn how to weld, drill holes in rocks, and buy tools…. So when asked, “How long did it really take you to make this” I really do not have a simple quick answer.

“Is there really $500 worth of work in that?”  I have learned to smile and pretend they said,” wow only $500″

And then we had the lady at the show that has been by 3-5 times to look at a piece of work. Then at the end of the show she shows up with her husband and says” oh honey you could make me one of those”,” excuse me Miss can you move out of the way so we can take a photo? “Really?

Tonight,  I got a call from the owner of Alki Arts letting me know that  a piece of my work was sold to a couple that just love it and they are having a party on Sunday where they will show it off! This call made my night! ipad 12012 011

Gallery owners do more than you think they do! I might have to share more details on that in a future post.  So, when I am asked at gallery showing, “If we wait and buy it from you direct is it less? ” My reply is, ‘ No it would be double!”  No, I am not joking!  I price my work at the galleries at a discounted rate as I really do not enjoy hauling stuff around these days.

Special thanks to all the friends, business and galleries of evergirl art that have been supporting me and my work over the past few years!  I couldn’t do it without you!

I would love to give you all a big hug! oh and if you have advice for me on how to deal with the  friendly folks that   think I  snap my fingers and a piece of work is done, leave me a reply!


Photo: Turning Tides now has a new home!