Tribute to single parents

My mom was  a child herself when she became a parent, having me when she was  16 years old and  by  the  time  she reached 21 I had two sisters.  It was not until I  became a parent myself that I was  really aware of the  struggles one faces.   My  mom  died before she turned  40 so I  guess I am  lucky  she started young.

Parenting is a  tough  full time  job  when you have two parents.  I really  don’t know how some single  parents  manage to  do  such an awesome job!

Young moms  on  public assistance  trying to  make ends meet , wanting the  best for their children  yet  feeling trapped in a system where no one cares.  Frustration,  depression , low self esteem,  hungry  , tired , over worked at the  minimum  wage  under the  table jobs,  suicide attempts , hating life, yet masking the pain.  These are the  things that  so many children see.

Life is not fair.  It is hard work to  ensure that our experiences  empower us and not  cripple us . From a distance It may  seem like some have better luck in life but you  never really know the  pain and suffering that someone is  coping with on the  inside.  Some folks just have better masks.

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