Does good news come in threes ?

This morning I  woke up today to a  couple  nice  surprises.

My see me account is  no longer zero! I have  my  first donations totaling $5 ! This might not  seem like a  big deal  but as an  artist I am  here to  share that every penny  counts.

You  can see my  See me account here. It does not cost you a  penny to  click the  I support  button! if your an  artist I  suggest you  check out See me and try out the  free trial.

I also received an invitation to have 3  photos of my  work  shown at a  newly installed digital exhibition room  in a New York City gallery. The show opens on Thursday, July 25th and will run through the Tuesday September 10th. I will have more details on that  later.

Sundance 027

This photo was taken at Blue Flames Spirits  located in  Prosser, Washington