Hell Week aka America’s birthday Bash!

Fireworks stands  pop up over night, people rush to them  the  same way they  run to the malls in the  middle of the night for black Friday! They stock up and then those with little or no self  control  start celebrating as soon as they  get home and get the  car trunk open.

Earlier today I  posted on  Facebook that ,” I hate fire crackers” and a friend jokingly called me, The Bad Santa. Fireworks make every muscle and nerve in my body tense. This causes stress which causes me to be jumpy and grumpy.

Today is  America’s birthday 237 birthday! The noise has been  non stop all day. If there was a  scheduled time frame for civilians to  set off explosives as a way to  celebrate  it might not be so agitating . Ppublic shows with a start and stop time they are okay. But come on people! When you buy the boxes of racket makers to set off all week are you thinking about the people with PTSD, or the pets and wildlife your disturbing ? Are you thinking of your neighbors? What about the risk for starting a fire?  The below photo was taken today  July 4, 2013 in Prosser Washington, caused by fire works

All I ask is that you exercise the muscle between your ears and think about your actions and how they might impact the lives of others.

I  often wonder if people ever wonder  where fireworks come from, or who makes them. Most are made in China and India, so when you are spending your hard earned dollars on explosives you are not supporting the American  economy. fireworks

Before you  go and say that I am not  being very  Patriotic please  understand that I am  very  patriotic. I  served in the united States Army  and  am disabled war veteran.

I personally  prefer the sounds of Peace over the Sounds of War.

Happy Birthday America!

fireworks (2)

Now  I an off to watch the musical 1776, hopefully the music will drown out some of the outdoor noise!



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