Saved by the Bell!

Summer time is usually my most  productive  time of year for creating art. This summer in early July I  had a  welding accident. I was working on  getting a  piece finished for a  art show and caught myself on fire. After 7  hours in the  ER I was sent home with third degree burns from my  lower belly to just below my  breasts.

It had  been  a year since I started working on the owner of the building to  let me rent a  portion of his shop. I got my  keys in May and  power for the  welder and plasma cutter in June.Finally my  own  work shop!  I was getting settled in and I was excited to have my own space to  create! .

After the  accident I was not certain I would  do welding any  more, I  would go to the  shop each week and  move things around and  with each  visit I could feel my blood  pressure  rise and the stress and tension in my  neck and shoulders would triple.

Yesterday I went to the shop with the intention to work. I  cleaned and moved things around for 3 hours.I had lunch , talked to my neighbor about  what he was working on. When my neighbor  asked me if I was ready to  get back in the saddle. I  told him I was thinking about  giving it a go. After organizing a shelf of paint cans I put on my apron, tied back my hair and put my welding helmet on my  head. I  set up a project to  work on, turned on the welder and then my phone rang!  I was so relieved,  I turned everything off and went and sat on the tailgate of my pickup to  chat with a  friend. I now  know how it feels to be saved by the  bell!

After my phone conversation I  went to my  welder without hesitation  turned it on and got back to work.



This photo was taken a year ago  by CDStuder. I am  currently  working on a  new bird and yesterday I  started adding the  wire feathers. I am  starting at the  bottom of the  bird this time. 😉

I am thankful for the  phone  call as it  distracted me  just enough to  allow me to not  hesitate or let fear and stress keep me from getting back to work.

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