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Back home-7.20.14

This weekend  Peter and I  went to  Prosser Washington.  We had  planned to go to the  fly in  but we just had too much to do. We  did  enjoy the  annual wine gala and art walk and  the company of good friends.

We did manage to  stop off for lunch at the  Horse Heaven HIlls Salon for some fish  tacos and a Dark  cherry  stout, I have  been known to  make the  3  hour  drive over and back  just to  have one dark  cherry stout and yes it is worth the 6  hour dive . Whitstran is also always on my  list of places to  stop for lunch and to  have a  nice cold  beer, The HIghlander is my  favorite beer at the Whitstran it is a scottish ale. .  We only made it to  three wineries this time around  but we did  came home with more wine to  share with  friends!

I was super happy to be able to drop off Rosie to her new home.

This was our seconds time staying at the  Cozy Rose Inn and it was so  delightful. We have already booked our next stay!

There never seems to  be enough time to  see everyone we want to see. So for those of you  we missed  this time we will  see you on the next trip to Prosser. XOXO

Here is a photo of  Rosie in her new home. Rosie _n


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