finished goose

I keep looking at this goose and I can’t believe I made him. I started by constructing a  metal frame and  then I  attached small scraps of metal to the frame. I then welded and welded and welded some more. The neck is  hollow as I  just welded around and around  and around until I got up to where the head was going to go. I used two spools of wire and 2 canisters of  gas and at least a half dozen grinding wheels  but, it was well worth it.goose 1a

This piece is not an out door piece as it will rust.  I brought it outside to take the photo in natural light.

update on goose progress

I love using my  copper coated steal  and in all the photos I have looked at of geese the  bottom feathers are a  different color than the rest of the bird . I have some trimming to do  on the  copper wire and a  bit more wire to  add and I still have some grinding and polishing to do. once he is  complete I think I shall mount him on a large rock. goose & boots 004 goose & boots 005The underside was the frame base in which I started to build up to  make the  shape. The folks who have seen the goose in person like to see the underside. I have been hesitate in showing the underside as it is such a mess!

A Goose and Owl

20140918_195106I think I might use copper wire for the back tail feathers and I still have some work to do on the front and neck. The cute owl head in the coffee can is Brad Isley’s project. He has been helping me bend metal instead of working on his own project.

Mr Studer is getting close to being complete.

The best part of this project is that I  brought it home tonight and my family could tell it is  supposed to be a goose! 20140915_192927Special thanks to Brad Isley for working in the shop with me and helping me on everything I need help with to get my project done on time. Thanks to Peter Freese for tolerating all the time I spend at the shop and supporting my need to make stuff out of junk.

Three Little Birds

As part of my workshop clean up project I have been working on  using up some of the art supplies that have  been  sitting around the  shop for awhile.  these  little  birds are  made from  shovels, horseshoes , disc brakes and a few other  odds and  ends. september 019From left to  right, Fern, Eve, & Dixie  added  Frens hair after the photo was taken. 


Lucy The Goosey

This is the end of week one working on the goose.  My  goal is to finish him by  next Sunday. I am just welding back and forth and  back and forth. Grinding a bit and then  welding  back and forth.  I might work on the neck and the head tomorrow. 20140906_161829

Columbia Winery


ColumbiaSign1aWNew I am super excited to be curating an art event at the Columbia Winery. Save the date now for our Meet the Artist Happy Hour, January 9th 2015 from  4-7 PM

Participating artists

Anette Lusher,Carol Ross,David Wyatt,Lin La Mer,Ken Vensel, Sheryl Brown

Each week I  will be sharing a sample of work by one of our featured artists. If you are interested in purchasing work in advance you can  give me a shout.

This weeks featured artist

Carol Ross


“I love capturing mood in my landscape paintings…this painting was done to remind me of so many road trips flying down the hiway at high speed, passing beautiful scenery, capturing only a glimpse of the distant buildings…but forever remembering the open plains and the beautiful sky.

Whether abstract or realistic, mood and energy are always a part of my paintings”

Additional featured artists

KCVensel Photography
“Since I was already up all night at Sunrise Region at Rainier shooting I figured I might as well check out Tipsoo Lake for sunrise, glad I did! The full Blood moon (no longer red) is setting behind the mountain.” taken 10/8/14


Anette Lusher:

“Upside Down String Theory”. Acrylic on Canvas. 16″x12″


 Aerial Photographer David Wyatt,

Out on the Deep Blue V” 

Dave Wyatt 003

The show will run from January 5th until April 1, 2014 14030 NE 145th St, Woodinville, WA 98072  For Directions: