Black Friday

Free art_oI participated in the free art project today. I took my first  item to the area near our downtown library. I placed it in a spot where it could be safe from the weather. I went to my car to get my  ipad to take a photo of the  item and in less that  30-45  seconds someone came along and picked it up. I continued my adventure  by  heading over to Gilman Street to place my second item. This piece is a  bit heavier than the first. I hope it finds  a good home! black friday14JPG


2 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. What are the chances my hubby would find this beauty in the dark..? We are very tickled to give a new home to our Flat Iron friend (who had been hanging out near the Flat Iron Grill..!) 😀

  2. Sheryl, I am glad your hubby found her! How wonderful to know she has a good new home. I am wondering how she would look with silk scarves tied around her neck? I figured since she was made out of a flat iron that near the flat iron would be a good place to leave her.

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