soul walking

me_nIt was cold and rainy when I  left the house , my husband  looked at me and said, “Are you  going hiking in this weather?”  My reply was ,”yes I am  and I promise to stay on the trail and be careful.” Anyone who knows me well knows I love adventure and I can  get caught up in the exploration and lose track of where I am  going and what time it is getting to be.

I feel so lucky to live in a place near so many amazing hiking trails that want to  hike  each one in each season! I am by no means fastest hiker in the world but I am slow and steady and enjoy each step . It was about 36 degrees F today and most the trails were clear of snow but there was lots of snow on the trees around me. I love the cool crisp winter air! twinfalls (11)

These photos were taken in North Bend WA. twinfalls 2 (11)twin  falls_ntwin falls a