Quest for blue skies & a quote

I am super happy to have sold a few of my horse paintings this week. On more than one occasion on a trip through the desert I have been lucky to come across a band of wild horses. When in Vantage I always take time to visit the 200-foot line of life-size charging horses, the creation of David Govedare, is titled “Grandfather Cuts Loose the Ponies”. The iron ponies can be seen on the hillside above the Columbia River just off I-90 in eastern WA



Today’s Quote

“You will not find poetry anywhere unless you bring some of it with you.”
– Joseph Joubert
About Joseph Joubert
French essayist Joseph Joubert became famous after his death when his friend, the renowned author Chateaubriand, gathered a selection of essays into the book Collected Thoughts of Mr. Joubert. Joubert was born in 1754 in Périgord. He attended and then taught at a religious college in Toulouse but left in 1778 for Paris, where he became friends with a number of great thinkers of the time. He wrote copiously on such subjects as ethics, politics, theology, and literature. He died in 1824.

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