Payment Plans

Payment plans are available without interest.

As an art collector myself I have found that I can not always afford to buy a piece out right that I truly love. As an artist it is important to me that the people who want to own a piece of my work are able to.

The plan is simple , you select art that suits you , to beautify your home, reward yourself for working hard, and just because you enjoy looking at the artwork, for just to have something fun and original as a conversation piece.

Now pay a 20% deposit plus tax and the balance is divided into your selected number of payments, averaging $25-100 a month. You can write all the checks post-dated or you can mail them out monthly. Post dated checks are secured in a safe until it is time to deposit them.

The art is yours when you pay the deposit. Easy. Convenient. Win-win.

Commission  Work

I have currently made a 1/2  dozen  commissioned  pieces ranging in size  from a custom solar run driveway  gate, to a 19 inch table.  I am  happy to discuss the  option of making a  custom  commissioned  piece of functional art. Once we  agree on a  budget and supplies I  request 50% in advance and the  final  payment  on delivery.

Please contact Cynthia to talk more about purchasing art at (425 )533 -5973 (cell).

Delivery Yes, for a small fee I can deliver your piece to your home or office . I have delivered  pieces 5 miles and  500 miles.

Care:  Indoor art: weekly or monthly dusting with a clean cotton  towel is  generally enough. If you use a damp cloth go make over it with a dry cloth .

For indoor and outdoor art: I have sprayed a clear coat of engine paint on your piece to keep it looking the way it was when you  purchased your art. You  can do this  a couple times  year for outdoor peices.

Lights:If you just want a new look or the lights  wear out , changing out the  tube ligthing is simple. Just pull the  lights out from the bottom. Tie a sting to the  cord of the  new lights and drop it through.

Swapping out lights is also a perfect time to  give your piece a  quick light coat of paint. I  like to use a clear engine paint. This helps keep the piece looking  like it did when you  brought it home.

If you have questions about caring for your piece of Evergirl art  please call (425)533-5973  or email me at evergirlart @ gmail.com



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  1. Hello, I really love love your work! I am also a women welder and was wondering what you used? Currently I only have my Oxy/Acet (welding and cutting) but dream of a plasma cutter:-) Really I just wanted to say how I too am a “upcycler” and thanks for the inspiration and just being a cool chick (as my kids would say) and ask what type of welding medium you prefer or use most. Thanks! Happy New Year!

    • Thanks for the comment Betty,and happy New year to you too! I usually use a MIG welder but I can TIG and stick weld . I have a nice portable Miller plasma cutter, if you have a local welding supply store near you go check them out. If you are local you are welcome to come try mine out.

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