June 20th

I left Issaquah Washington  around noon on fathers  day to deliver a piece of art to a  collector in SF. On the drive there I  stopped in Weed,CA  where I  spoted this  lovely!


I missed my exit and  got to  see The Golden Gate  Bridge up  close…  I wanted to walk across but I just didn’t have enough time.Hopefully I can walk across next time.

I am sad that I forgot to take a  photo of the  custom piece of art in it’s new home , I was parked in a no parking zone and driving in  the bay  area is much different than what I am  used too!

This is the  piece that  moved to  SF  this week.

On my  way home I  stopped in Ashland, Oregon  and stayed at the  Lithia Springs resort.I love the  soaking tubs and all the  flowers!  Being there makes me feel like I am  I am  in a Agatha Christie  Mystery  novel. I was in Cabin 3. I think Miss Marple was in Cabin 5.

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