Until a few minutes ago I had no clue who the participating artists would be for the May  Odd birds show at the wonderful and fun Tasty shop and gallery!

I am very excited to see that Clarissa Callison will be participating as I took a class from her last year at ArtFest! This is a Real Treat! If you  can not make the reception  you  will want to  swing by the shop  to check things out  between  May  8 and June 10!

Tasty has a new unique theme each month! They are closed on Mondays & Tuesdays

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    The BIG ONE is coming... Greenwood & Phinney’s 18th Annual Arts Festival takes place Friday May 10th from 6-10pm and Saturday May 11th from 12-5pm and Tasty is throwing a party to celebrate, this years theme is ODD BIRDS.Join featured artist, Clarissa Callisen and a host of other creative talents as they tell their own story of unusual dames, feathered creatures and any other twist on the theme.

    Participating artists include not 1, not 2, but 3 artists named Michelle! Michele Lynch, Michelle Anderst and Michelle Waters!
    Plus, Braden Duncan, Cynthia Freese, Julia of Metal Wing Studios, Krista Jefferson, Lacey Bryant, Lisa Penz, Lizzie, Mary Syring and Pam Man.

7513 Greenwood Ave N., Seattle, Washington 98103

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