Wind Kisses

As a small  child I used to talk to my  grandparents  on the  telephone  before  going to bed. Before saying good bye my  grandfather would tell me he was blowing me a kiss . I remember him asking  ,”  Can the phone cord reach the back  porch?  I replied,” yes”. He said,” that is wonderful. Now go stand on the porch and tell me when you are ready!” ‘Once on the porch he would say,”  okay  I am  blowing you a  kiss let me know when you  get it. ” Sometimes it would  be  seconds , other times  minutes and  sometimes I would giggle and tell him he missed me! 

45 years later when  I feel the wind on my  face I  think of someone blowing me a kiss. If I  stop to pay close attention I  swear I am catching some of those kisses I missed so many years ago.

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