Happy Independence Day!

I was invited to a  couple  BBQ’s but I  really  just wanted to work on  getting Idaho  finished so that I can deliver him  to his new owners later this month!  The  wire I am using is recycled and is covered in soot (  which  for  some strange  reason is not showing up in this photo. I have spent countless hours cleaning the wire before I  weld it to the frame. This is not a lot of fun! wire1a This is how I am  cleaning the wire.  Tomorrow I am going to try  soaking some in vinegar to  see if that helps. I  used to use vinegar to  clean my  pennies when I was a kid so I  figure it is worth a try..   wire1bAll this time in the shop would not be possible as if it were not for my  good friend Brad Isley. He has volunteered to be my assistant / babysitter( as I not  allowed to  weld on weekends without having someone on site). I  guess catching myself  on fire  last year  upset a few more people than  just me. 😉  So, thank you  Brad for  spending time in the shop with me , thank you  for  for helping cut wire and  for taking the photos.

Here is todays updated progress photo of Idaho. .


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