Before you part with your art!

Get good photos!!!

Back when I used to paint daily I wish I had had a better understanding of how to photograph my work. Over four decades of work and less than a few decent photos to show for it makes me a bit sad.

A year ago I created an online store for people to order my work as prints and on merchandise. In setting up the store I found I really didn’t have many decent photos that i could use. So I decided to reach out to people that have my work and I requested photos. At first most of my past patrons were not doing such a great job at meeting my requests. I started talking to other artists and asking for advice that did not involve having all my customers hire a pro! The results of my tips and advice got some awesome results. I now have a few dozen photos of work from my past that I can upload into my store! I have created a blog on the topic to share some of the things I have learned. Most of the photos in the blog are of work I have collected from other artists. The cover photo is my work.

Seattle Space Needle

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