Junk Yard Art

IMG_2079.JPGAs a daughter of an mechanic when my dad passed I was inspired to take a stack of junk and weld it together to make a monument in his honor. It was the first time I had picked up a torch in over 35 years. This was the beginning of my new found passion and Junk yard art was born.


IMG_2176.JPGEvery since I can remember I have  found uses for things that most people throw out. From baby food jars, tin cans, dryer lint, to broken dishes. The list goes on.

IMG_2175.JPG About 15 years ago I started making  bio-degradable paper greeting cards that  once read could be planted. The seeds embedded into the paper would them sprout into flowers.  Using  paper scraps  I started making  small collages and framing them. I made about 35 different collages, all but 2 where sold.

Then a few years years ago I bought a swim suit at Costco and the store didn’t want to keep the plastic body figure so I went home and made a collage. I joked about it being one of my many personalities. As of today, I have made over 132 personalities for people around the world!