I Got Forked

In order to grow I am constantly  challenging myself to try new things.  I  was asked to  make some geese for a local tasting room to have on display.   After completing the  first goose  I  decided I wanted to  try  something new ( well at least new for me)  so I posted a note on Facebook that I was  going on a Fork Hunt! The next day my friend  Denny Croston forked me!  He  cleaned out his shop  cabinet and loaded me up with forks! IMG_6070 IMG_6068 IMG_6069 I  have to spend some time in the  shop cutting off the  handles I am hoping to have this little goose done next week. I am going to  call him Denny.

Memory Lane


Thanks to my friend Anette  I ended up taking an  unexpected trip down memory lane today. We drove to Steilacoom and looked at my great grandparents old place along with my Uncle Chet’s old house which still has the green lantern sign out front. In looking for a photo I found a fun bit of history about the  place so I have  linked to it above.) The bridge  down to the old boat house was stacked up on the middle of the street so we were unable to access my  first secret childhood beach.  We left and  ventured down to Sunnyside beach to sit in the spot where I  sat with my dads father aka my grandfather. My Grandfather had retired and taken a job as a  park care taker, he had a small trailer that sat where there  is now a lovely piece of art. I  loved spending  summers between  his house and his mothers house!

art at sunnyside beachSunnyside-Beach-Park-4   So much had changed  but so much was still the same. This little spot of beach is where we learned to  swim  in order to  be allowed to  learn to water ski. Grandpa made us swim 300 yards!  Burrrrrrrrr!

Anettte and I sat and watched the ferries go to and from Anderson and McNeil Island.It was hard to believe how wonder it was for a late October day. I shared the  stories of hoe my  uncle Kenny used to  let us kids ride  the ferry for free if we would sing him a song.


sunsetand just like old times when the trains went by we waved! train


On the way home we admired the  handy rock work around Western State hospital that was done by yet another of my great uncles. I  charged the  stories of  my grandfather walking down the  beach and dropping fire crackers so the  girls would jump up. At the time I did not know he was hoping to  get a glimpse of their titties.   rockwallI love where I am from and where I live.



Just finished this little blue bird. flyboy1JPGMade from spoons , forks,   a shovel  horse shoes, a  few car parts and mounted on a piece of rock.  This little bird is grounded for football  season, I am happy to stencil a 12 on the  shovel  if the  owner wants me too.


35  inches  high  x 35 inches wide ( wing to  wing)  $175


Idaho and an unexpected road trip

I recently made a trip to Bonners Ferry Idaho to deliver a piece of art. While there I was invited to take a trip along the International Selkirk Loop in Canada. On our way to the   Kootenay Lake British Columbia Ferry we stopped to take a peek at the lake and to stretch our legs. canadaJPGIf you have an  opportunity to take this rode trip plan to spend some time in downtown Nelson375px-Nelson_Downtown2l                                          Historic Baker Streer

Norm and the dogwood tree

Last night I had a dream about a strange bird eating the fruit 20141001_193743from our dogwood tree outside our bedroom window. This morning when I woke up there was a strange bird feasting on that same fruit. I tried to re create the bird from my dream  in my shop tonight.I am calling him Norm. I am  gong to  add forks to the front  part of his wings.20141001_193605Wall art by nine year old friend Emma.

Photo by Brad Isley