Treasure hunting

An hour with a stranger can change your life forever.

It was  2004 and we had  just moved  back to Washington from  Austin  Texas  and my youngest daughter and I drove out to  Centralia to visit my sister.

On the way we passed a house that I could not resist  stopping to  check out.


We  pulled up the the house and we  walked up to a gate . There was a  sign that said come on in. We walked  around the yard admiring the sculpture and after about  45 minutes a man appeared  from out of  no where.

Chehalis2 _1242We talked about his work and he got excited and invited us into a  secret  basement underneath is  house.We hesitated for a  second and then we took a  risk  and  followed him  down under the  house . What we saw was  breath taking. Stacks and  stacks of art on tables some stacked all the way to the  ceiling. I  pointed to a  piece on the wall that I  liked and he said  let me get a knife.

He came back with a rather scary looking knife and  proceeded to cut the  art off the wall and then he  handed it to me. I  offered to  pay him for the  piece and he said he did not want money. I argued and he said,” If you give me money I will  just hand it to the  next person who comes through the door.” I told him that would be fine and I  handed him $20.  He then got a  twinkle in his eye and  said to me, ” If  you like would really like to to  do  something  for me I would like some wooden toothpicks . But  don’t  bring them to me bring them to the sculpture  garden and  hide them for me to  find.  I  just love a  treasure hunt. ”  My daughter and I left his place  and heading to the local  store . We  brought back  a few boxes of wooden toothpicks to hide.

rich art 010

I am glad we stopped off at to admire the  Styrofoam  sculptures and had a chance to  explore and  play. We had a lot of fun  hiding those tooth picks!

During our visit Rich Tracy  told us that he does not  create art to make a living  he creates to  live.

I found this photo online  which gives you another view of the  Rich Art sculpture garden. 


RichArt’s Art Yard, July 2012: Rich reported retiring, taking apart all art.


Does good news come in threes ?

This morning I  woke up today to a  couple  nice  surprises.

My see me account is  no longer zero! I have  my  first donations totaling $5 ! This might not  seem like a  big deal  but as an  artist I am  here to  share that every penny  counts.

You  can see my  See me account here. It does not cost you a  penny to  click the  I support  button! if your an  artist I  suggest you  check out See me and try out the  free trial.

I also received an invitation to have 3  photos of my  work  shown at a  newly installed digital exhibition room  in a New York City gallery. The show opens on Thursday, July 25th and will run through the Tuesday September 10th. I will have more details on that  later.

Sundance 027

This photo was taken at Blue Flames Spirits  located in  Prosser, Washington




Gallery Context, A New Chapter

It is hard to believe that today is the first day of summer! I have been so busy the past few months that I missed spring!

As an artist one of the main frustrations is figuring out what to do with work when it is completed.  Some artists hang on to their work and others send it off to galleries.  Some artists enjoy working street fairs while others cringe at the thought. Many artists prefer to create.  For me as soon as I finish a piece of work I want it to  go away so that I can work on something new.

Over the past 4 years I have been fortunate to have a hand full of galleries show my work and sell it  for me.   It is not easy sending work off to a gallery.  Some of us like to know where it will end up!

A few months ago I was offered an opportunity to partner with a fairly new gallery located at Seattle Design Center.  It was been a ton of work but I am finally ready to invite you all down to see what I have been up too!

Our next event takes place along with the Design Centers Third Thursday art Walk, July 18 from 5-9 PM

Gallery Context  suite 262  located at  Seattle  Design  Center (SDC)  2nd  floor of  building that has  the  covered parking garage!  Parking is free!   On third Thursdays 14 galleries participate featuring over 100  artists! 

Invite your friends to come experience art


Tribute to single parents

My mom was  a child herself when she became a parent, having me when she was  16 years old and  by  the  time  she reached 21 I had two sisters.  It was not until I  became a parent myself that I was  really aware of the  struggles one faces.   My  mom  died before she turned  40 so I  guess I am  lucky  she started young.

Parenting is a  tough  full time  job  when you have two parents.  I really  don’t know how some single  parents  manage to  do  such an awesome job!

Young moms  on  public assistance  trying to  make ends meet , wanting the  best for their children  yet  feeling trapped in a system where no one cares.  Frustration,  depression , low self esteem,  hungry  , tired , over worked at the  minimum  wage  under the  table jobs,  suicide attempts , hating life, yet masking the pain.  These are the  things that  so many children see.

Life is not fair.  It is hard work to  ensure that our experiences  empower us and not  cripple us . From a distance It may  seem like some have better luck in life but you  never really know the  pain and suffering that someone is  coping with on the  inside.  Some folks just have better masks.

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