Who didn’t want to grow up to be a rock star?

 I remember my guitar, It was red and always out of tune. I used to visit a friend and sit and strum his guitar so for my  11 birthday he bought me one as a gift.I didn’t  get the hang of playing so, I gave it to a neighbor boy who made amazing music. He used to invite me over to  hang out and listen to him play.! It was amazing how wonderful  he could make it sound! A few years ago I was driving home late one night and I  saw a broken guitar in the neighbors trash can.  I  pulled over and pulled it out of the trash and brought it home. I have finally brought it back to life.

The guitar was my first love. I had forgotten how much I loved to listen to someone play. I am lucky as my youngest child plays guitar so I often get serenaded for hours and hours in the evening.


This  guitar is now ready to go off to live with someone new! $ 325.00

xmas3nI just received a couple photos from one of my collectors . The custom light  on the left is in the  corner of their  dining room and the custom bird is decked out for the holidays and greets guests on the front porch! I love  seeing  photos of my work outside the workshop!