the past few weeks

stickers_nIt has been a  busy few  weeks. I am working on a couple commissioned pieces , which I have found is not my strong suit. As long as people are not in a rush its okay  but I really don’t do my best work on a schedule.  Having a new shop pet has not made working any more fun!  Stickers likes people and doesn’t mind noise. I usually  leave my door open and he just comes on in! I  now have a true understanding about the old saying,  don’t let the  camel put his nose in the tent!  IN this photo the dear thing was  trying to eat my young guests shirt.


The gallery is shaping up , we had two good sales early in the month which is a  good sign. In the below photo we were trying to  decide where to put the  second  bench. My  friend Brad was helping me hold a piece of lumber and my  business partner Zal  decided to have a seat!


So many  emotions the past few weeks!  I made a little piece for our gallery neighbor who  went out of business after having been at the  design center for twenty  plus years. She gave me all kinds of things and  just before packing up she gave me some  bamboo that had been given to her as a gift from a friend who passed away in December. She was in tears when she gave it to me. She said she had been meaning to do something with it but never did and she wanted it to  go to a good home.  I  decided to  make something for her as a  souvenir It has that  design center rock and bamboo theme .  It made her cry more.


While out visiting one of our  GC artists I met a really cool artist who makes native Salish

art . I have a few samJoseph Illig Crabcat 002ple’s of his work at the gallery.    You can  check out  his website  by clicking on the photo.  These are  24 x 24  rolled copper , some have  black  nickel or silver  coatings or a cool baked  Japanese pine needle  finish.  For a limited  time these can me snatched up for $720 instead of the  usually $1400 as the artist told me he can’t eat them.

One of my  best  buddies has been in they ICU  for a couple weeks.  Its hard to see friends and  loved ones in pain. Tonight the hospital is sending her to a new room outside the ICU. I am  sure  going to sleep better tonight! I am  looking forward to  having a party on the 5th floor!

Tomorrow  September 19, is our  3rd  thursday art walk , our theme is  faces and limbs,  our artist Anette Lusher will be giving a talk at 7 PM on her installation  called, Caged.  In  case you have not been to the gallery we are in suite 262  in the  Seattle Design Center.


Faces and Limbs


It’s hard to believe that its been 7 months since partnering with Zalman on the gallery at the Seattle Design Center! I am still not ready to get back to welding full time but I am having fun bringing more new artists to the gallery! This month’s reception features over 20 artists!

In hanging the new  show,  Faces and Limbs we had pieces  being  purchased before we could get them on the walls! The gallery will be open this Saturday, September 14th from 6-9 as part of the Georgetown  Art Attack. Our official receptions are on 3rd Thursdays, from 6-10 PM.

Here is a sneak peek of some of what you will see in September!



I  look forward to seeing you at the  gallery!