With  just a few days left in 2011, I have  been working on  trying a few new things.

Check out my new one of a  kind  stainless  steel and  glass  wine stoppers.

These were all made from scraps that  my fellow artist friend Teresa Harpster provided. I am  making magnets out of the rest of the scraps of glass.

Happy Holidays!

I am excited for  2012 the year of the Dragon! In preparation  I have  recently added an  available work tab so  you can see what I  currently have  finished and where each piece is  currently  located. http://cynthiafreese.com/available-work/

After the first of the year I will  be sharing photos of some of my  new projects.

For fun this  holiday  season my husband and daughter made Origami. I  found this pattern online and thought some of you  might have fun making one. 



For  the  complete  pattern  visit :


I  appreciate all your  likes and  comments on my  photos of work! Happy  Holidays!

Winter Wonderland

Prosser Washington is a real  winter wonderland

Last week I traveled from the wet side of the state to the east side of the state to  participate in a  holiday  art in  Prosser  Washington.  I am  still here taking in the  beauty if the  landscape.The  show was finished  Sunday  but I am still here visiting with friends and soaking up the  beauty of the country side. I am not a photographer but the country side is so lovely I  had to get out the  i pad and snap a  few  photos to  share.

Okay you caught me, I did include one photo of my latest piece that  is available at the Sixth Street Gallery. I also had to  include a  photo of the new  gallery sign as  the owner calls my art Urban Chic!

Happy Holiday Seasons!



Step 1- in the beginning

People often ask me how I  decided what I will create. I  generally  start with a small  pile of  stuff and  just look at it until I get an idea, moving stuff around and stacking it  different ways until it feels right. Some times it takes awhile to find the  finishing touches to make a piece complete.

I  see three birds and a table in these pictures. What do you see?



Holiday Gifts

It has been a cold frosty weekend in Prosser,Washington. I have  collected a  couple dozen  wine bottles and  plan to make some candles for  Christmas gifts.

Before leaving each winery with empty  bottles I was forced to do some wine tasting, it was hard work  but  well worth the  effort.

Mercer Estates Winery

While setting  up for the art show I had  asked for empty  bottles. This is a  sample of the  new Evergirl Art Prosser Winery Candles. I can’t wait to  get back to  the  winery tomorrow to  pick up more wine. The  2007 Merlot is amazing.

The Last Light

I only have  one light  left  from my series” Light From War”.

 Each  light is a one of a kind original , the  core is  made from  old  cases  that  were used to  store  large military howitzer shells during  1944-1946.   The  bases and tops are  old  car parts.

The last light can be found at  http://www.shoptastyart.com/#/home/

Color of actual  lighting  is easily swapped  out.  Lights from War  are  great conversation  pieces  and can  also  be used as a tall  corner  table. Each light  comes with a  glass top and have been  clear coated.

If you  buy a  piece of evergirl art from Shop Tasty, I am happy to  deliver it to your home .



What do you see?

A friend posted this photo on facebook and said, ” can you find the cat? Don’t share the  photo until you see the cat.” After looking for almost 30 minutes I had to ask for help.

What I see is at least  4  car part tables, three bird baths and plenty of  parts to  create other peices of art.

What  do you  see? Do you  see the cat?