happy endings

As spring break comes to an end I am  happy with how i spent my  time. I am excited to get back to  Metal work  and I look forward to   exploring  more new things down the road.

This is the  last of my spring break projects. If you want to  try any of these projects at home  please just give me a shout and I am happy to  share some  great websites that  offer  material and technique suggestions.


April is my month to push myself to  do things out of my comfort zone. I have three new  projects some I like more than others.

The first april project is my Burning Man doll, I am planning to  make her a steam powered  wheel chair since I broke  her leg.She was fun to make but one was enough! She started out to  be  your average  plain Jane.

After a day together she is ready to head to  Burning Man.


Next  I  tried soldering and clay, I am not sure if this is a raven or a crow. It was fun to make  but  I found out that  soldering  galvanized steel is not much fun.

Last but not least I have paint brushes with personalities and attitudes:

I really wish the  details in the  paint showed up. These look  so much better in  real life.