Laughter & My Naked Left Breast

I am thankful for friends who can make me laugh when I am stressed.

As I prepare to leave the country for South American I have been working on getting all my medical check ups done for the end of the year. Last week when I left my mammogram appointment I smiled and said, ” Happy Holidaze! Nothing personal but I hope I don’t need to see you all again until next year!” After a week of them trying to reach me I finally got a call saying, “Miss Freese we need you to come back in for an examination of your left breast.” I replied with, “sure, I will come back in early 2020 as I am heading to South American next week.” The lady on the other end of the phone said, “no, how about tomorrow or the next day? ” I hesitated and eventually agreed to rearrange my schedule. AS soon as i hung up the phone I called a few friends and asked if they had ever had to go back in for another check up after a mammogram and most of them have had to for one reason or another so I was not really worried. Okay, that’s a lie I was still worried! My friend Mado said, “hey I will clear my schedule and go with you.” I replied, Not necessary but yes please.

They gave me a nice warm purple top to put on that ties in the front and then sent me to another waiting room to wait. When I entered the 2nd waiting room I looked around one lady stood out more than the rest you looked super stressed so I smiled at her and said, “Hey nice shirt. ” She looked up at me and laughed and said its the same as yours. I promised her that I would send a memo to the head of staff that requesting different colored shirts for our next visits as we all felt like we were at prom wearing the same dress!

Once in my exam room I was asked to expose the left breast and to lay down. The tech helped poss me. I told her that I felt like I was posing for a painting. She asked me if I was always so funny. I said of course not. You can’t really tell from this photo but they had me on my side with my left arm up over my head I felt a bit sexy with my left tata out.

The appointment went longer than planned poking , prodding ,ultra sounds and then a radiologist same in and did it all over again. When they left the room to get another doctor to come in I got up and took a photo of the computer screen which is the original mammogram.(my naked left breast)

After an hour the specialist looked at me and said , “you are borderline abnormal.” OMG! I started laughing and told them all to tell me something I did not already know. I was successful in making them all laugh as well! I have to go have another ultrasound in 3 months and then again in May. For now I am thankful that I had a great day and I made a few people smile and a few more laugh. I am hoping they will take my advice on ordering a variety of tops for us gals to wear in the waiting room.

Today’s blooms & a blog post on being Thankful

A year ago I closed up my metal shop and gave all my tools away. I then sat at home for a month depressed. I cried a lot , I had no idea how I was going to feed my creative appetite, I cried some more.

My friend, photographer Ken Vensel encouraged me to spend more time painting with light for him to take photos of . I love to be outdoors and I love to create art so this has been therapeutic for me. Ken has been encouraging me lately to take my camera off of manual mode so that he too can do some painting. I am looking forward to sharing some of Ken’s paintings in 2020 when I get comfortable with time behind the camera.

I have purchased tools and made some of my own. The lights are what was used to create the first photo and the below photo.

Another great thing about going out with Ken to paint is he is always willing to share. Ken welcomes other photographers join us as well as other painters. For now I am sharing a collaboration of my paintings and Kens photography!

Here are a few more of the tools I use to paint with. Please feel free to give me a shout if you are interested in joining us , we paint year round!