How many?

Any idea how many corks it takes to cover a bowling ball?  You might be surprised at the answer! Leave your guess as a  comment and I will let you all know next week.

Art therapy

Over the years I have learned that working with my hands and creating new things helps me cope with my depression.  So, to help myself maintain a healthy life style I try to create something new every day.

This website started out as a place to share my metal work.  This past winter I was unable to get to the welding school to work so making crafts at home seemed like a good substitute, candles, wine bottle stoppers, magnets and so on. I also tried my hand at mosaics.  I now have a whole new respect for people who create beautiful mosaics!


Making these balls was fun and it was great therapy!

What’s nu?

C over lambda of  course!

I can’t help it when ever anyone says, “whats  new?” I automatically  think  C over lambda! I have my father in Law to thank for that one, thanks Dad!  For those of you that don’t know  what I am talking about, Physicists use the Greek letter nu to represent the frequency of light, which can be expressed as its speedc divided by its wavelength lambda.

So this  piece is not nu but, it is new!

Standing 26 inches high, It’s New, will make an awesome side table or hallway table. Made from brake drums, a crank shaft and a  few other odds and  ends this piece is ready for a  new home!

Glass in  photo is  24 inches  round.


As a child my parents would take us kids to the Seattle Center on the weekends. We  would play carnival games, visits the science center, ride the  monorail and we would often end the day with a trip up to the top of the Space needle.

Today I got to experience Seattle Center in a  whole  new way. I made a  delivery to the  4th floor of the Center house which is the  home for the  New Seattle branch of The  Academy of Interactive Entertainment. I have to admit it was strange driving around inside  Seattle Center!

Below photos are of  Madeleine Erhardt, Head of Administrations,  US campuses with the two new works of functional art.

A  bit about the two pieces I  delivered  to the school for the  lobby , the  first is  a coffee  table that I call Saucy as it was made from car parts and  a  sausage plate.The  second piece is from my series  Light from War , which is a  sculpture / hall table that  provides  light and  makes a  great  conversation  piece. Light  from War was made from a World War ll  case that  was  used to store a  howliter missile.

If you know someone interested in a career in the game industry AIE is school to check out!



Since I use my ipad to take most of my photos I  usually take photos in my garage or outside. This  tends to lead people to  think my  work is for outside.

So today I lugged this piece in the  house to  take a photo  to  show you all  how lovely  these look indoors!  This  piece stands about 18 inches high and has a 30 inch piece of  glass on top.

This piece is already sold and will be  living  on the  4th  floor of the  center house at the Seattle Center. Home of AIE game design school!

I want to  thank the  folks at AIE for having me  make  some lobby furniture for them.

Since this is going to the  game design school I  thought a  few  game industry books might  look  nice.

Sold at RAW

Light of War  Photo 1: Sold 2/10/2012  I will be delivering this  piece to its  new home at  Seattle  Center, where it will  provide  light and maybe a bit of inspiration at the  new game school in town!

Remnants of War :photo 2 also sold 2/10/2012 to Trish Bennon of Bremerton Washington.

Both pieces were made  from car parts and an old military container that once stored  a Howlitzer missile dated 1944. This functional  art can double as a tall corner table. Lights can be  changed out  easily. Light  prices start at  $425.

Photo on the right is at the art show and the below photo is at in its new home!