The Vineyard Gate

IMG_1000.JPGI am currently working on a driveway gate for a vineyard in Eastern WA. The gate is heavy metal and is constructed from 98% of found objects. The owners wanted something simple that would keep people from driving down the driveway when they were not home.  I wanted to create something that would be functional but also wanted something that looked pleasant yet not take away from the natural beauty of the property.
One evening while sitting on the front porch with the home owners the wife made a comment on how we should see the sunset and the moon rise at the same time. Later that night I got up out of bed and drew the design. This is my first gate and my first consigned project.

I am thankful to Becky and Charles for trusting me and for giving me the opportunity to  create this fun and challenging project. 

Special thanks to  Green River  Community College  for the  use of the school as my work shop and to  Brad Isley for taking my simple  sketch and  designing the  parts to make it all work.