September Bits & Pieces

Tasty was tasty!  

customers tasting cherry, pepper vodkas

Stop by on September 9  from 6-10PM and  have a  drink and tell me what you  think of  my new series!  Don’t be shy I love to hear the  gold bad and the  unexpected!  If you  cant make it to the  artist party on the  9th  thee  show runs  through October 11th! Don’t forget to  click the  little  like button  below!

Preparing for Steamcon lll

This years theme  is 20 Thousand Leagues Under The  Sea. I have  incorporated some  boat props and rocks  into a few pieces. This is  just a sneak  peek  as  I have  other  surprises  for the October  event in  Bellevue WA.

Photo By  Ken Vensel